Alright, first evening out with Takeru. We’ve already drunk like… Mmh… 4 cocktails? And it’s only 10 pm. We won’t see the end of this XD

cocoaplum, I’ve got so many things to tell you!


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Fragments Quest~

prompts: kiss & touch (suggested by: tsukimori-song)

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my name / its meaning [x

Giada. My name comes from the name of the precious stone that is often used in carvings. It is derived from Spanish (piedra de la) ijada meaning “(stone of the) flank”, relating to the belief that jade could cure renal colic. As a given name, it came into general use during the 1970’s. 

western zodiac [x]: Gemini - Mercury
chinese zodiac [x]: Dragon - Earth
celtic zodiac [x]: Hawthorn - The Illusionist
myers-briggs type indicator [x]: ENTP, The Visionary
the four temperaments [x]: Sanguine
enneagram [x]:  Type Three - The Achiever
soul type [x]: Group 51 - The Sage & group 5 - The Artisan ex aequo~


O-oh my! Thanks for asking, youcancallmeyours

I’d gladly reply here, if you don’t mind, so that I can take this chance to organize my writings for your convenience… And for all those who would like to read them as well!

1. My Tags:

  • Fragments –> This tag is devoted to my “Fragment Project”, for which I write little scenes narrated through a sort of poetry in form of prose.
  • Storytelling –> Here you may find my other fanfictions.

2. Pandora Hearts Fanfictions Blog:

 List of fragments

3. Other websites:

  • EFP –> This is the main website where we post our writings, from our drabbles and flashfics to our (extremely long) longfic. However, this is Italian only.
  • FF.net –> We have an account here as well, but we always forget about its existence XD However, the stories can be found there too, in case you preferred to use FF.net!

I hope this is helpful aaaaaand…




For me this is a big big BIG surprise, but…now I have +400 followers

I really don’t believe it, this is a gift, a really amazing gift! Thank you, with all my heart! And soul! And…Gil! don’t see me as always

I wanted to do something more. So…!

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Thank you so much, all of you, for all! <3


Echo is just an echo.


2 AM sketch (“ʘ‿ʘ”  ) (was listening to one of my sisters favorite boygroup’s song called ‘Boyfriend’)

I don’t know how this came to be….I drew a circle ….then Ada was created…I drew a triangle….then Vincent was created…..how did I do this….?….I don’t know…..

So yeah, story time~! Vincent thought that giving Ada mittens was a stupid idea and she wouldn’t like em…WELL…he was wrong. That’s right Vincent…fall for Ada and her moe-ness~!

Hey dar Oz….Looking good I see, pfft.

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